SACLAのプロトタイプ機として建設されたSCSS試験加速器をSACLA光源棟に移設し、あわせて最大電子ビームエネルギーを750 MeV以上に増強することで、光子エネルギー40~150 eVの範囲でXFELを供給可能な軟X線FELビームラインBL1として整備しました。SACLA基盤開発プログラムによって共用実験装置の整備・高度化が進められています。真空チャンバーなどのユーザー持ち込みの装置をビームラインに接続して実験を行うことも可能です。


S. Owada et al., J. Synchrotron Rad., 25, 282 (2018).


最大電子ビームエネルギー 800 MeV
繰り返しレート 60 Hz
アンジュレータ周期長 18 mm
K値 ~2.4
光子エネルギー(基本波) 40-150 eV
パルスエネルギー ~80 uJ
エネルギー幅(ΔE/E) ~3%
パルス幅 ~30 fs


S. Owada et al., J. Synchrotron Rad., 25, 282 (2018).

















XFELとフェムト秒光学レーザーのタイミングを全てのパルスについて記録します。画像データとして保存されますが、HPC上で動作するソフトウェア"Timing Monitor Analyzer"を使用して解析することが可能です。詳細はHPC Portal サイトをご参照ください。






BL1では、原則として、利用者が各自の実験装置を持ち込んで実験することを想定していますが、SACLA基盤開発プログラムを利用して実験プラットフォームの開発が進められており、スピンオプトロニクスや500 nm集光装置が利用可能です。







By relocating the SCSS test accelerator, which was constructed as a prototype for SACLA, to the SACLA light source building and increasing the maximum electron beam energy to 750 MeV or more, it is possible to maintain a soft X-ray FEL beamline, BL1, which can supply XFEL with a photon energy in the range of 40 to 150 eV. The SACLA Basic Development Program is advancing the development and sophistication of shared experimental equipment. It is also possible to connect equipment brought in by the user, such as a vacuum chamber, to the beamline.


S. Owada et al., J. Synchrotron Rad., 25, 282 (2018).

Performance of the Light Source

Maximum electron beam energy 800 MeV
Repetition rate 60 Hz
Undulator period length 18 mm
K Value ~2.4
Photon energy (fundamental wave) 40-150 eV
Pulse energy ~80 uJ
Energy width(ΔE/E) ~3%
Pulse width ~30 fs


S. Owada et al., J. Synchrotron Rad., 25, 282 (2018).



Shared equipment


The following equipment is permanently installed in BL1 and is available as needed.

Soft X-ray mirror


At BL1, soft X-ray mirrors are installed to transport soft X-ray beams. You can choose a carbon (C) or silicon (Si) coating depending on the photon energy used.

Gas intensity monitor


By measuring the yield of argon ions generated by the one-photon process of the soft X-ray FEL pulse, the intensity of soft X-ray pulses can be measured non-destructively. This is a room temperature calorimeter developed in collaboration with AIST and RIKEN, to allow for conversion to absolute intensity, and is regularly calibrated.



The XUV235-UHV-III manufactured by Vacuum Optics, is installed in the beamline to measure the spectrum of FEL pulses. The spectrometer is calibrated using an He lamp (VUV5000 manufactured by VG Scienta).

Timing monitor


To record the timing of the XFEL and femtosecond optical lasers for all pulses. It is stored as image data, but it can be analyzed using the “Timing Monitor Analyzer” software that runs on HPC. Please refer to the HPC portal site for more details.

KB Mirror


The KB mirror enables beam focusing to several μm.


Key experiments

In principle, BL1 assumes that users bring in their own experimental equipment, but the development of experimental platforms are underway with the SACLA Basic Development Program, making optical equipment such as spin optronics and 500 nm focusing equipment available.